Human homes

We the earth’s treasure poachers

Advertisements natural calamities that occur
Are a result of may be
The earth’s activities gone sour
Or may be its their happy hour!

Maybe she is cooking something deep down..
And volcanoes, like milk on the stove boils over..
And burns down the town

Maybe she is rearranging a crowded rack
And we have a land slide
Which comes crashing down on our shack

Maybe she is cleaning the bathroom floor
And a tsunami rises up on our shore

Maybe she just lit her bon fire
And turns out to be our forest fire

May be the winds speed up to have fun..
Ah! That’s a hurricane.. and we r on the run!

Maybe someone just dropped a toy
N it hit us like a meteorite!

not to forget we have all built our homes,
dug out our corners somewhere in the home of earth..
just like the spiders, flies, lizards..
ants, roaches, bed bugs do in ours!

And when she sets about cleaning her house..
We end up like the scampering mouse!
When they set about having fun
Its no use, our powerful gun..

We who inhabit the earth,
who are in the habit of inhibiting since birth..
and our numbers know no dearth
won’t have time enough to think if it was worth!

We seem to be nothing more than the roaches
In the whole scheme of things..
We the earth’s treasure poachers

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