Mind your mind

Mind your mind
As u travel the winding roads of life
As you travel the days and nights alike
as you grapple with happiness and strife
Mind ur mind..
From fast forward and rewind..
From the binding past and the biding future

Mind your mind
To stay focused on the moment at hand..
‘focus’ that will make that moment grand..
Join the band and sing the song..
While the clock goes gong gong..
Don’t stop to think what went wrong
Don’t run ahead to see how long..
There is no wrong.. no right..
Everything that is in sight
N everything that will see the light of day
Has a role to play in making the world sway
Every breath taken.. every thought thought
Every song sung.. every tear dropped..
Every mail sent.. every nail bent..
Every flower bloomed.. every dream dreamt..
Every single thing has a place
in this endless time and space..
So why the race?

Of course the past is a phase
N the future a big maze..
And we tend to sit and gaze..
Gaze away at the horizons of life..
The hard pricking solid one of the past
With a solid anchored mast..
So solidly anchored In the sands of time..
For it cannot be moved an inch
Even with the magic wand of the witch
And wavy hazy liquid one of the future
Whose flow changes with every inch of movement of u..

As we sit n gaze n plan n regret n hope
There is this tiny lil packet of time
filled with all the goodies
Slipping from right under our nose..
Slipping away towards the horizon of the past..
And will be there to forever last..

And another lil packet
Which is just out of the docket
Comes and lands in your pocket
n vanishes faster than a rocket!

And all this happens so quietly
And woven together so tightly
That your gazing isn’t disturbed ever so lightly..
As we continue to plan n prod,
To dream n beam..
There flows a steady stream from the hazy future to the solid past..
With each drop of time passing thru u..
Thru me.. thru the entire universe..
And to be stamped by our souls..
To forever bear the imprint of our thoughts and actions..
In this way this endless sea of time
Takes with it the ending us..
without any fuss..
And the story continues


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