The clock knows no tomorrow!

The one thing I need to overcome

Is procrastination.
That’s what seems to be stopping me
From reaching my ‘so-called’ destination..
I must be thankful
That my body parts haven’t fallen into this habit
My heart beats no matter what,
My lungs, liver, pancreas, kidney, spleen
All continue to do their work unseen..
Whether it’s a good, bad or an ugly day
Nothing ever comes in their way!
Neither happiness nor sorrow..
I who gets lost in the mind’s play
Wish some of their work ethics I could borrow
Life’s short n we never know if we have another day
I need to dive in deep but keep swimming in waters shallow
Clock just keeps ticking n ticking n ticking
And I hear myself say over n over again – tomorrow!
A tomorrow which will never come
And work which will largely remain undone

The moon doesn’t postpone, nor does the sun
And neither does the earth which is always on the run!
Ho this habit I have decided to shun
Posting this half baked poem, lemme begin with this one!

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